• Medical care (home visits in an emergency)
  • Treatment of injuries (fractures, dislocations, wounds, burns, …)
    • Digital X-ray
    • Joint aspiration
    • Shoulder and elbow reduction
    • Plastercasttreatment, diverseorthopaedicsplints, …
  • Physiotherapy Pain and stimulation current therapy, short wave treatment and ultrasound for spinal problems and various Injuries used to relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and reduce swelling.
  • Preventivemedical checkups
  • Mother and Child Pass examinations The regular control of our youngest patients begins with the weight control after approx. 10 days. We are also happy to advise you on vaccination decisions. As a school and kindergarten doctor, I am happy to be there for all problems.
  • Vaccinations, inoculation advice
  • Driver’s license examinations
  • Medical certificates
  • ECG
  • Laboratory Some laboratory values ​​are already determined directly in the ordination. Z.B.:
    Urine tests, blood count – incl. Platelet count, CRP – inflammation value, INR, blood sugar, liver function parameters, blood lipids, potassium, creatinine, Trop-T (with possible heart attack), D-dimer (with possible thrombosis)
  • Infusions


We will gladly and quickly take care of your personal concerns

Childrens Room

The area for our youngest patients


Clarification in case of suspected heart disease


Stimulation current, ultrasound treatments and short-wave treatments for spinal problems and injuries to relieve pain, promote blood circulation and reduce swelling


The following parameters are evaluated directly by us: blood count incl. Platelet count, CRP, lipids, INR, liver function parameters, potassium, creatinine, Trop-T rapid test, streptococcal smear, urinalysis

Emergency Room

Care of injuries (broken bones, dislocations, wounds, burns …).
Digitales Röntgen, Gelenkspunktionen, Repositionen der Schulter, des Ellbogens, Versorgung mit Gipsverband, diversen orthopädischen Schienen, …